The brand

Caroline et Alice, les fondatrices de Table

TABLE is a tableware brand offering products to create a colorful and cheerful table.

TABLE is also a comprehensive project that reflects a desire to have fun. It serves as a playground, like a creative laboratory, that will evolve through encounters with chefs, collaborations with artists and craftsmen, feasts, and performances.

TABLE products are also useful and practical, made with responsible and high-quality sourcing. We work exclusively with artisans or suppliers whose practices we know and whose expertise we admire.

Alice and Caroline, passionate about the art of the table, now wish to offer their vision. With TABLE, the duo shares their love for cheerful tables, the reflection of a taste for festive dinners, warm meetings, with friends or family.

Alice was born into a family where tableware plays a very important role in everyday life. Each table set had its story, his mother was a designer for the earthenware factories of Gien, for Paola Navone and Designers Guild. His father, for his part, was the cook of the house. All these table stories fueled a desire to work around it from a very young age, with very present notions of craftsmanship and know-how.

Caroline has worked for more than ten years in the design, textile and clothing sector. She has always been sensitive to materials, colors and shapes. This project with Alice makes it possible to concretize and celebrate all these notions, with the line
conductor the art of eating.

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The brand is based between Paris and Marseille. It is in the Marseille workshop that all the unique pieces are manufactured and the new collections are designed.