The Koi Vase by ceramist Zuzana Hlivarova

TABLE is pleased to present its new ceramic edition in collaboration with Marseille artist Zuzana Hlivarova: a bright orange vase handmade with glazed clay, perfect for spring tables.

"The Koi vase is a version of my signature Condition Origin mug. With this line of work, I wanted to highlight the idea and beauty of imperfection. I wanted to create something very simple yet evocative, difficult to define by a specific period. This vase is imbued with the feeling of nature, as if you were holding something you'd found in the wild."

Who is Zuzana?

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Zuzana and I'm a ceramic artist. I started working with clay in 2015. I create unique sculptural works, functional art and some pieces for the home that are part of my collection named Condition Origin.

Can you tell us about this place?

I've been living in Marseille for two years, in an old workshop that used to make shirts. It's an authentic place with high ceilings and lots of light. After living in Paris for a few years, I began to miss being out in nature and closer to the sea. I also needed more space to develop my work. Space and nature are essential to me.

You work with clay. Can you tell us about your relationship with this material?

For me, working with clay has relaxing properties; it's the material that has opened me up creatively and allowed me to channel my imagination in an authentic way. My works allow me to communicate with the world. They are my intuitive language.


What do you think the functionality of this object is, and how does it fit into an interior?

You can use it for beautiful flowers or herbs and branches of your choice. As we're in the season, the vase can be used for a bunch of carrots and their green tops, cooked or raw, sticking out.

Can you tell us about your relationship with the world of food and tableware?

I love having someone cook for me, just as much as I love cooking. I think both activities are very relaxing and grounded in reality. As you can imagine, I like to set the table with my own ceramics, in an eclectic, even improvised way. In general, I like to keep an open mind about how things are done.

What are your culinary inspirations? Does your background set the tone for your daily cooking?

What I love most is vegetarian cooking using seasonal ingredients. Eating local and seasonal food is really important to me. I grew up in Slovakia and my family always had gardens. We ate a lot of seasonal foods, with a big culture of fermenting and preparing for the winter season. I'd say I like to borrow from different cultures and try new things. But I really like simple meals, with few ingredients and quality products.

Discover the Koi Vase