Hand-woven wicker vases

TABLE is delighted to present its new capsule of decorated antique wicker vases, hand-woven in Vallauris, France.

All our antique vases are carefully selected one by one and sent to the workshop of craftsman Pierre Bosch, who weaves wicker to suit each shape. This ennobling makes our decanters unique and singular.

A collaboration with the Itinérance Méditerranée association

This capsule is co-created with the Itinérance Méditerranée association. Founded in 2018, the association federates a community of artisans and change-makers in the Mediterranean. Through the gesture of savoir- faire, Itinérance creates links to (re)empower artisans in the Mediterranean basin economically and creatively. For this collaboration, the know-how is that of the craftsmen and women of Vallauris on the Côte d'Azur.

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Basketry, or the art of making interwoven objects

Basketry is considered one of the oldest crafts in living memory. It's the art of making interwoven objects, most often containers, from flexible plant fibers such as twigs, grasses, wicker, bamboo and rushes. For this collection, Pierre explores two types of wicker, a softer, white, debarked one, and an unbarked one that brings a gradation of color to our large format.

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