Jeanne Tresvaux du Fraval's ceramics for Table

For Table, multi-disciplinary artist Jeanne Tresvaux du Fraval has created a new edition of stoneware ceramics for the kitchen entitled "Les Ustensiles".

This limited edition of ceramics is made up of unique pieces hand-crafted by the artist in Brittany. All the utensils are fitted with a hanging system, as if the storage and spatial arrangement of the objects in the space had the same importance as their uses. Hooks, eyelets, handles and other types of attachment are recurrent in Jeanne's work. Hanging at eye level, these objects are permanently available!

A multidisciplinary artist

Jeanne is a Franco-German designer and artist based in Paris. She began her studies at the Beaux Arts de Paris-Cergy, and continued her artistic training at the Arts Décoratifs de Paris and the Ritveld Academy in Amsterdam.

She explores everyday objects, deconstructing their forms and meanings. Archives, storage and intimacy are the artist's main themes. She evokes the material jumble through a playful organization of design objects.

Discover ceramics

Playing with accumulations

Different shapes, accumulations and functions allow you to play with the utensils.

Each piece is designed to be quickly packed, tied or archived. Jeanne thinks of the object and its packaging in terms of permanent mobility. All materials are natural, boxes handmade and packaging made from recycled paper.