Ceramics by Nina Zamzem for Table

For Table, Parisian ceramist Nina Zamzem has created a new edition of brown chamotte stoneware ceramics for every moment of the day.

This limited edition of ceramics is made up of one-off pieces hand-crafted by the artist in her studio in Montreuil. A plate, a bowl and a mug: three pieces designed by the ceramist to embellish everyday meals - breakfast, lunch, afternoon nibbles, aperitifs.

An artist with a raw relationship to objects

Nina Zamzem is a 26-year-old ceramist and actress. She works on tableware and household objects by hand in her shared studio in Montreuil. She loves the raw, imperfect quality of an object, which gives it an energy of its own. Designing a shape and adapting it as she shapes it is a particular source of inspiration for her.

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Fun for everyday life

Can you tell us about your collaboration with Table?

We're used to setting a table when we have one or more people over for dinner, with the idea that the decor is just as important as the food in the moment. At various stages in life, we find ourselves dining alone. I remember the first times my parents went out in the evening, and I was allowed to dine in front of the TV with a meal tray. The preparation of the tray and the various compartments that would punctuate my meal, from starter to dessert, were happy moments that I still remember.

When I left home, these meal trays became my way of setting a table for one or two people. For this collaboration with Table, I wanted to pay tribute to these different milestones in life. From a reminder of childhood to adult moments, I'd like these three pieces to embellish the kitchen for oneself.

What is your relationship with the art of the table?

I discovered tableware at flea markets. I love thrifting sets, buying a plate I like without necessarily buying a set of 6. I think it's so cool to be able to retrace moments in your life based on the cup you drink your coffee from every morning.

What do you think is the secret ingredient for a successful meal?

Good olive oil and fun!