TABLE is a tableware brand that offers products to create a very colorful and joyful table. TABLE is also a global project, a playground to experiment creatively and also to simply have fun around tables. The project will evolve collaborating with chefs, artists and craftsmen, into feasts and performances. TABLE products are useful and practical, made with responsible and qualitative sourcing. We only work with craftsmen or suppliers whose practices we know and whose know-how we valuate.

Alice and Caroline are passionate about l'art de la table and now want to share their vision. With TABLE the duo shares their love for playful tables reflecting their appetite for festive dinners, warm gatherings with friends and family.

Alice was born in a family where « art de la table » is a significant part of everyday life, each tableware had its own story. Her mother was a designer for Faïenceries de Gien, for Paola Navone and a textile designer for Designers Guild. As for her father, he was the cook in the house! All the table-stories that have surrounded her since her childhood have nourished a deep desire to make this subject her work, keeping at the center a very present notion of craftsmanship and know-how.

Caroline has been working for over ten years in the design, textile and clothing industry. She has always been sensitive to materials, colours and shapes. This project enables her to make these concepts concrete, with the art of eating as a guideline.

Photo by Jeremy Konko in Marseille

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